We are a Flipper Devices team, made up of engineers, designers, artists, researchers, and geeks, united by the idea of making art in hardware. Our products have a different perspective on conventional technology, and they aim to evoke a strong emotional response.

Our team was originally formed in Neuron Hackspace by collaborating with industrial design and manufacturing experts Design Heroes.
Flipper Zero
Our first and most beloved child was born entirely in-house. From idea to development, marketing and sales, it was made entirely by our team's efforts. Flipper Zero — a Swiss Army knife for exploring access control systems. It is both appealing to hardware geeks, DIY makers, and as a programming learning platform.

In 2020, we've launched a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign and raised $4.8M. Today, the active community around Flipper Zero is more than 100,000 people and continues to grow.